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Baguio Craft Brewery

Baguio Craft Brewery was created from humble beginnings. It started with homebrewing in a garage, a passion for craft beer and a love for creating something extraordinary delicious, out of basics, natural ingredients. The Philippine based company opened the doors to its first location in Baguio City in 2014.

The decision to venture into the world of a craft brewery came about with our vision to cultivate a culture where people appreciate traditionally-brewed and unique handcrafted beers with none of the additives, preservatives or adjuncts that beer drinkers have been accustomed to. Our continuing advocacy is to educate and convert beer drinkers to craft beer drinkers.


Baguio Craft Brewery

By infusing craft beers with a bit of local flavor — Mythic Beers, the brewery’s flagship line, was inspired by the five spiritual realms of Ifugao mythology — Baguio Craft Brewery pays tribute to the Cordilleras. The same philosophy lies at the heart of the better Baguio movement, whose many adherents are seeking to take the city back for good.

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All are made with natural ingredients—no chemicals or extenders—so that you wake up the next day with no hangover.

- Esquire Magazine

Baguio is also known for an emerging local craft beer brewery. The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery gives guests a distinct Cordillera vibe with lots of wooden details and decorations like the bulul carvings and the bar tables made out of old barrels.

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One of its top-selling beers is named Message in a Bottle. It is an India pale ale with 7.6 percent alcohol. Bustos explained, with a smile, “When you finish the bottle, that’s when you get the message.

- Philippine Daily Inquirer

Message In A Bottle

I was impressed by the microbrewery offers of quite a nice selection of craft beers. . .While savoring the beer, we were educated about the different characteristics and flavor profiles, and discovered our favorites in the process.

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Baguio Craft Brewery is a perfect place to hang out with your friends and share stories over a beer. In this restaurant, customers can enjoy freshly-brewed beers made from Baguio’s fresh farm products.

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But this is not the common Baguio beer joint. Instead of crooning country singers, first-timers are drawn in by the scent of fresh malt.

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We all have aspirations in life. Some aspire for world domination. Some aspire for spiritual enlightenment. And some — God bless them — aspire to make craft beer.

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Baguio’s first craft brewery offers a variety of flavors that will keep both the curious and the avid craft beer fan on their toes.

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